Mikhail Klimenko

School of Economics

Georgia Institute of Technology

781 Marietta Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30332-5750


Office phone: 404-894-0353

Fax: 404-894-1890

Office hours: by appointment

Research interests:

·       Open-economy industrial organization


·       Economics and regulation of telecommunications and information technology


·       Public Policy and Business Strategy for Information Technology and Telecommunications Networks


·       International trade in telecommunications services and information technology




Journal Articles

"Language, Internet and Platform Competition." 2021. (With Doh-Shin Jeon and Bruno Jullien (University of Toulouse, France).) Journal of International Economics 131 (July, 2021).

 “Duration and Term Structure of Trade Agreements,” (with Sergei Guriev), The Economic Journal 125 (2015): 1818–1849.

“Strategic Interoperability Standards and Trade Taxes,”  International Review of Economics and Finance 18 (2009): 539-551.

Policies and International Trade Agreements on Technical Compatibility for Industries with Network Externalities,” Journal of International Economics 77 (2009): 151–166.

“Recurrent Trade Agreements and the Value of External Enforcement,” (with Joel Watson and Garey Ramey), Journal of International Economics 74 (2008): 475–499. 

 “Technical Compatibility and the Mode of Foreign Entry with Network Externalities,” (with Kamal Saggi), Canadian Journal of Economics 40/1(2007): 176-206.

“The 'Thick Market' Effect and Agglomeration in High-Growth Industries,” Pacific Economic Review 10/2 (2005): 167–187.

“Competition, Matching, and Geographical Clustering at Early Stages of the Industry Life Cycle,” Journal of Economics and Business, 56/3 (2004): 177–195.

“The New International Trade Regime in Telecommunication Services and Network Modernization in Transition Economies,” (with Peter Cowhey), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 40 (2004): 61–97.

“Industrial Targeting, Experimentation and Long-Run Specialization,” Journal of Development Economics, 73/1 (2004): 75-105.

Trade Interdependence, the International Financial Institutions, and the Recent Evolution of Sovereign-Debt Renegotiations,” Journal of International Economics, 58 (2002): 177-209. 


Book  Chapters

“Implementing Telecommunications Liberalization in Developing Countries after the WTO Agreement on Basic Telecommunications Services” (with Peter Cowhey), in Robert M. Stern, ed., Services in the international economy. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press (2001): 349-369.

“Telecommunications Liberalization in Developing Countries after the WTO Agreement on Basic Telecomms,” (with Peter Cowhey), in Rohan Kariyawasam, ed., The WTO, Intellectual property, E-Commerce and the Internet (Edward Elgar, 2009). 


Submitted Papers and Work-in-Progress


 “Human capital accumulation and trade liberalization.” 2020. Joint with Kirill Borisov (European University, St. Petersburg, Russia) and Maurizio Iacopetta (SKEMA, Nice, France). Under review.

“Global Digital Platforms, Technology Transfer and FDI Policies in Two-Sided Markets.” 2021. Joint with Jingwen Qu.

"Foreign Direct Investment in E-commerce Platforms." 2020. Joint with Jingwen Qu.

“Vertical contracting in two sided markets.” 2020. Joint with Constantine Dovrolis, Lian Zhu.

“Paid peering vs settlement free peering: a two-sided market model of ISP competition.” 2019. Joint with Constantine Dovrolis (College of Computing, Georgia Tech).

“Evolution of the Internet ecosystem: Network Economics and Computational Perspectives.” 2014. Joint with Constantine Dovrolis, (College of Computing, Georgia Tech).


Selected Grants and Contracts

National Science Foundation interdisciplinary research grant, “Economics of contractual arrangements for Internet interconnections.” Co PI with Constatine Dovrolis (College of Computing, Georgia Tech), $1,200,000 total. 2015-2020.


Comcast Corporation, “Measuring the effect of contractual agreements on internet interconnections.” Co PI with Constatine Dovrolis (College of Computing, Georgia Tech), $130,000, 2017.


SKEMA and OFCE (Sciences-Po’s Research Center in Economics) research grant, “Economic growth and human capital formation in developing and transition economies,” €5,000, 2012


The Net Institute, “Technical Compatibility, the Mode of Foreign Entry and FDI policy under Network Externalities,” $12,000, 2004/05. (With Kamal Saggi.)


POSCO Foundation Fellowship, “Telecommunications Policy Reforms in North-East Asia,” $10,000, 2002. 


The World Bank, “The WTO Agreement on and Telecommunications Policy Reform in Developing and Transition Economies,” $10,000. 1998-1999. (With Peter Cowhey).































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