Conditional probabilities (anisotropic pair correlations)
for quantum dots at high magnetic field

Presented at the APS MARCH2004 meeting
Conditional Probability Distributions for N=6 and N=7 electrons at high magnetic fields (the electronic wave functions are restricted to the lowest Landau level). The examples presented are for magic angular momenta L=75, L=105, and L=135 (N=6) and L=105, L=69, L=57, and L=45 (N=7). LEFT: the case of the rotating Wigner (or electron) molecule [1] (RWM or REM); CENTER: the exact-diagonalization (EXD) case; RIGHT: the case of the Jastrow-Laughlin (JL) wave function. Unlike the RWM wave functions, the JL wave functions fail to capture the crystalline character of the EXD states.

[1] C. Yannouleas and U. Landman, (a) PRB 66, 115315 (2002) ; (b) PRB 68, 035326 (2003) ; (c) PRB 69, 113306 (2004) ; (d) cond-mat/0401610 ;   (e) cond-mat/0412200 .   (For additional related papers click here )

RWM                Exact             Laughlin

N=7     L=105     (nu=1/5)

N=6     L=75     (nu=1/5)

N=6     L=105     (nu=1/7)

N=6     L=135     (nu=1/9)

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